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Monday, August 4, 2014

Wall Header Sealing With Flexible Grout

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Wall Header Gap Sealing 

This is typical flooding of a wall header in an attic floor, with very wet flexible grout. A spray bottle offers controlled wetting for slight dilution of the flexible grout paste. Gaps can be quite large, defying fill as a flood; then work mineral wool into the paste.

Here is a 3/8" gap. Tamp anything into it as a dam. Crown with wet flexible grout.

This is very-crummy sealing of a wall header by "the competition", using spray foam.

Under all the foam there was a negligible achievement of sealing. PTCS-trained fools also made a mess of a HVAC return header, with an awful and useless slathering of goop.

Here note that much wall header sealing can not be addressed by building gaskets set against drywall at the ceiling. Ooze flexible grout under nailer plates. Fill sometimes-large annuli of plumbing.

Please know that mineral wool dissolves nicely in water and in flexible grout, to serve as a thickener and extender.

Flexible grout is essential in patch-out of awful can lights. As I do prep in an attic floor, I must keep a ready kit for patching, that will never include dumb spray foam.

Here is an interesting can light patch-out in a tiled shower ceiling. This will be fully glued with flexible grout.

The so-hard flexible grout, non-shrinking, can be perfected almost as tile finish. Here a can-light wound will be hidden by a Cooper SLD6 LED plate light.

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